“Detesto treinar, tal como todos aqui” Ricky

white corner field line on artificial green grass of soccer field
“You know a huge difference with Holland….? In Holland, they say “you play like you practice…” Hence my coaches at Utrecht being livid if I tried something flash. Here, they hardly train. It’s all focused on being in the zone on matchday. I love it! We practice an hour a day. Stretching, a bit of fooling around. A bit of tactical stuff. Done! And before the matchday, it’s massages and all that. Hours long! Lovely, haha. I hate practice and everyone here does.” Ricky.
E isso será sintoma de quê…?
Paolo Maldini
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Creator of the "Lateral Esquerdo", is also a teacher at the University Stadium in Lisbon. Soccer coach, having conquered several national titles in Portugal. Experience as soccer coordinator, and lecturer at various Sports Universities. Author of the book "Build a champion team" from the publisher PrimeBooks.

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